Abaya and Hijab , importance and today’s trend.

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“Abaya and Hijab , importance and today’s trend”

As a Muslim ,its our duty to do hijab and wear abaya. Our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) , also advises us to wear hijab. In different verses of Holy Quran , it is an order for every men and women that they should take care of their modesty.

Hazrat Fatima Al Zahra said:

“Modesty is the jewel of a woman”

Importance of Hijab

A woman that wears hijab can liberate from the selfish and ugly eyes of  the community. She can compete herself with other women also. Just like a woman feels safe and strong around the four walls of her house , hijab is also a safest dress for a woman.

abaya and hijab
perfect dress for woman

The meaning of woman is “hidden” , the meaning is also clear so she should be according to her meaning. No doubt hijab is the sign of modesty and haya. In the beginning , women take support of shawl for hijab purpose , which is also common now a days in every area. After sometimes its shape changes to “Burqa” .With the passage of time it changes into many forms and shapes. But the main and basic object of all this is to save yourself from the bad and black eyes of others.

muslin woman

In the modern era , different and fashionable (beauty enhanced types) abaya , hijab , and scarfs are common in between the women that goes to schools , colleges , and offices. By wearing this they not only travel in a respectable manner but can also be seen with the eye of honor in their institute and offices. And above all this is that a feeling of safety always becomes dominant.

Muslim giirl

Hijab has many benefits for women. For example if you are in hurry and you have to go urgently and you don’t have time to change dress , like mothers goes to drop their children at school , so for this trouble abaya is the suitable clothing.

girl with Hijab

Many women are sensitive about their beauty. They didn’t want even a small spot on her face. If she sees some blackness on her fingers or feet, she got furious. Due to a lot of sunlight , the color of women face , hands , feet becomes black and dark. Hijab can prevent you from harmful rays of sun. In the season of summer, keep in mind that the fabric of abaya should be of light and soft because in the light color the intensity of heat feels less.

girl in style

And women that covers their face like “niqab” , white and cream color scarf is suitable for them. Because it absorbs sweat and smell. And therefore one feels relax.

Variety of Abaya/Hijab

  1. Abaya: It is of full length. Its an outer fabric that covers whole of your body .its like you wear a shirt but its length is more. It does not covers your hands , face and feet. It can mostly wear with a scarf or dupatta.

  2. Al-amira hijab: It is a kind of veil made of two piece of fabric. It is usually wear with a tightly cap. This type of hijab is made from cotton or woll or polyster. It also have a scarf.

    Al-amira HIjab
  3. burqa: It is usually wore in Asian countries. It covers the whole body. It also has a separate fabric on it from which women look through. Its style is similar in every area of asia.

  4. chador: It is a tradition of Iran. Women in Iran mostly wear this. It is a full-length fabric that comes down to the ground. chador does not have proper sleeves. It is usually hold by extra cloth , with hands or teeth.chaddar
  5. Dupatta: It is actually garment of Pakistan , India , and Punjab. It made in many colors and made of light weight fabric. Dupatta completely covers the head and shoulders. girls and womans use Dupatta colour same as shalwar (trouser ) and kameez (shirt) colour. Hindus and Sikh women also wore this.Dupatta

The abaya that is decorated with pearls and threads on neck , sleeves ad front looks very beautiful no doubt. But the women of sensitive skin can be infected by it and it causes allergy. Simple abaya and scarf is useful for everyone.because very long abaya can create many problems like it can stuck in bike or under the feet.beautiful girl


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