About us

This page is just about the fun and and sticky knowledge about out practical life.
We use many things in life like playing, running, using of things, doing some work, studying and many others things that we do in our practical life. all the things just depend upon our mind and thinking that how we can do that all the things.
this website is just about the general topics that are really helpful in our regular life. this website describes on the whole topics and discussion about our social, political, regular and practical life.
i have to tell one thing to all of you if you want to any knowledge about any topic of life we will be post for you in just 24 to 48 hours. basically this is jnust about your life.

so, enjoy this website and keep carig of yourself.

About our team:

Arbaz Hussain [designer]
ume-e-habiba [editer, writter]

thnk you for you support