How to enhance your beauty: Some tips and methods

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“How to enhance your beauty: beauty tips and methods”

Beauty care is the basic right of a woman. No one can steal it. But mostly it has been seen that women did not care of herself. But when any occasion arrives like weeding , birthday , parties , or festival then they think about their beauty and face glow. Because of this they cant satisfy ever and a question always arrives “How I am looking? “. Your happiness could easily be judged from your face. And your personality could be enhanced by face glow or from your dress. Your dress describes your sense and beauty. Everyone wishes to be look beautiful but a little attention and work is required on you. Following are some of the tips that how could you increase your beauty.

some beauty tips and methods

skin beauty

Skin care:

  1. You should do facial once in a month: which can easily available in market. But the facial should be of a trustable company. Some companies made facial made of dangerous chemicals that are very harmful for skin. You should not go for the beauty parlor care
  2. Wash your face with a facewash: It should also be of a branded company. Skin of face is more sensitive than other parts. A little harmful element can damage the whole skin.face wash
  3. Do cleansing every night before sleeping: For this purpose take a little amount of lotion of a good company. Then massage your face with soft hands. Also use some water with it.cleansing on face
  4. Bleech your face could also be also very useful: Take good company bleech from market and apply on your face for 15 to 20 minutes. It cleans all the pimples of your face.bleech on face
  5. Your neck looks ugly when your face is more clean: Take also attention of the neck care. Also do cleansing of the neck .
  6. Hands and feet are also your beauty parts: You should also take care of it. For this purpose,manicure and pedicure, are very helpful. You should go to the salon for this purpose. It will clean your hands and feet,makes u more presentable.hand and foot care


Makeup is also helpful that adds to your beauty. Different types of makeup are available in markets. You can apply it on your face , eyes , lips , neck , or on other areas. Following is some detail about the makeup and its usage.

  1. Base or foundation: For makeup , base or foundation is one of the most important thing. If u have make your base nicely , your remaining makeup will be more easy for u. And your feature will be more brighten. Choose base according to your skin texture. If your skin is oily,use water base. And if your skin is dry use oily base. To blend the base use sponge. Also blend it around the eyes and on neck. Then put some face powder on your face. Then put some blush-on for final accessories
  2. Eyes makeup: Next step is to do eyes makeup. If you have attractive eyes, anyone can attract by you. Always do it according to your dress. Always use light and simple color shades. Dark and a lot of eye shadow kills natural beauty. Then use eye liner to make it more attractive. At last add some mascara on the lashes.eye makeup
  3. You should also take care of your lips: Use balm or cream for lips. Apply it on lips before sleeping at night. Lipstick is also an accessory to enhance beauty of your lips. Use a thin line of pencil at the corner of lps and apply lipstick of light color. If you want more beauty then choose lipstick according to dress. It will shows a pleasant look of you. For example use red lipstick with white dress.Matching lipstick with your dress also looks beautiful but always prefer light color.lips

Dress and shoes:dress and shoes

Dress is main part of showing your beauty and personality. Choose dress according to the occasion. For example use simple dress for casual work and heavy dress on weeding. Shoes can also be important. Choose shoes according to your height and need. If you are more weighted,then use flat shoes



jewelry can also put some glitter on your beauty. Accessories like jewelry , bags and body spray is also helpful. If your dress is heavy , use light jewelry and light weight purse or bag.


This article is just directly related to girls and women. They can know how to “How to enhance your beauty: Some tips and methods” with some simple steps and methods.

If anyone has any problem so he/she can comment for explanation or contact me at facebook. Thank you for you time

Stay blesses.

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