How to keep/make your heart healthy: heart fitness and improvements

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“How to keep your heart healthy: fitness and improvements”

Heart, health and heartbeat defines that human and human life exist. If it stops then a human meets to its soul and dies. In a human body heart and brain both are considered more important organs. If your heart is healthy and fit so, your body remain healthy. So it is very important that it’s a responsibility of every person to take care of heart health. Following are some tips given which are the struggle of many specialists and their experiences.

Heart fitness tips

human heart

1.Be aware of smoke of cigarette:

Some American doctors have discovered that which men and women remains three times in a week for 30 minutes in the smoke of cigarette, the threat of heart diseases in them increases to 26%. So do not sit in the environment of such kind. It will be very dangerous to your health. It can damage your heart as well as lungs.



2.Eat red meat:

eat meat

You should eat red meat but always in balance. The reason is that red meat have some of the elements which are very helpful for heart and its health. Further more red meat has the 50% of fats that are helpful in the circulatory system of heart. It will pump blood easily in all parts of the body.

3.Reset heartbeat:

Many doctors said that reading books, playing cricket or those work that increases heartbeat are useful for the health of heart. Actually, whenever heartbeat increases,it is similar that you are resetting your heartbeat. Thus, by doing this the ability of heart becomes better.

4.Do not exercise in dust:

dont exercise in dust

When you exercise in an environment of dust and pollution, the amount of oxygen in blood decreases. At this condition there is a chance of becoming tumors in the veins of heart. Therefore do not exercise in such environment. You have to do exercise in a clean and dustless environment. Always breath in the fresh air.



swimming and fitness

Many britian scientist have discovered that man and woman that do extreme activity like swimming or hiking and also burn just 50 fats , they have 62% less chance of suffering from heart diseases. Heart diseases are very dangerous to life. Your life could be threaten by it easily. You have to do swimming it increases your heartbeat, thus makes you more strong.

6.Use dry fruits:

In an experiment, Australian experts give men and women dry fruits for three months. When the investigate at 4thmonth , they found 3 to 5 % less cholesterol in them. The reason is that the dry fruits have unsaturated fats in rich amount. Dry fruits have Vitamin E which may help to prevent of development of plaques in your arteries , which narrow them. It has Omega 3 fatty acid which is very helpful for heart.dry fruits

7.relieve stress by cycling:

cycling fitness

Scientists have discovered that a person which is in depression, are more suspectiable to heart disease than other peoples. Mostly, many men and women use medicine to overcome their depression. But the easiest way to get rid from depression is to do exercise such as cycling and playing badminton. Cycling is more helpful for making heart strong, healthy and fitness tool. Just 20 minutes of cycling can reduce heart disease risk. Cycling is one of the best cardio fitness exercise.

8. Do yoga:

Heart patients people should make time about 20 minutes everyday for Yoga. This spiritual activity makes a person peaceful from tensions and makes fitness

9. Do not be in anger:

don't anger

Men and women that does not do any anger and don’t become furious have a very little chance to suffering from heart disease. Instead , a lot of anger is very dangerous for heart. Anger makes your vein arteries swollen, that produces pressure on the heart. Many peoples that become furious on such little thing becomes easily victim of heart diseases. Always have some confidence in your mind and heart to do anything to live a happy and healthy life.

10. Take aspirin:

take aspirin

American and Britain experts have found Aspirin a useful thing for ge

t rid from hear diseases. The reason is this it decreases the pressure on blood. Persons that take aspirin daily have a healthful heart. you can take a tablet of aspirin before sleeping at night for better result.


Food for make your heart strong:

  1. tomato:

    Tomato has a strong anti-oxidant ,lysopaine , which stops many heart diseases,blood pressure and cholesterol. For the absorption of lysopaine it should be taken with some olive oil to make it more soft.tomato

  2. Grape fruit:

Grape fruitThe juice of the grapefruit is rich in fibers,vitamin C, and lysopaine. It controls the quantity of injurious fats,which contains triglyceride that makes artries hard and stiff.grape fruit

       3. Dark colored chocolate:

the dark colour chocolate “phenanthomyin” which is an important compound. If you eat 45 gram chocolate containing 85% cocoa it is enough for one day.chocolate

this is all about “How to keep/make your heart healthy: heart fitness and improvements” In this article I had discuss some point that how you can keep  your heart fitness more strong and healthy. So, if you have any problem/misunderstanding you can discuss with me in the comment box or you can messages me at facebook

Thank you for your time. Stay blessed.

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