Basic accessories of makeup: some tips and methods

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“Basic makeup accessories of makeup”


Makeup is an important fact for a woman. With the makeup accessories woman can take care of herself. She can make more better her look with makeup accessories. Makeup accessories are the products, generally these products can enhance your beauty features, therefore u can feel good and strong. You can become more pretty and beautiful. You can draw attention of others, therefore confidence can be produced in you. This confidence can make u more productive , passionate and self confident.

makeup accessories
makeup accessories

Below are some basic types of makeup that u can apply on you.You can use it on many occasion and festivals.


For the face(makeup accessories)

Face primer:

It is basically used to make makeup permanent on your face. It prevents of making spots on the face. Many companies are making face primers of different products. They protect the skin and makes a layer of protection.

  • It is helpful for women of oily skin.
  • Moisture your face and apply this on face, until it absorbs.
  • They are available in tubes or creams, or in the form of spray.

    beauty of face
    face beauty

Face concealer:

It is mainly used to remove all the spots and black signs of face.

  • It is also used for an extra touch on the face.
  • Face concealer is thicker than the other face products , it has long lasting touch. Concealer for eye is separate and for face is separate.

    beauty of a girl
    face concealer


It is a kind of makeup, that can be apply on whole the face.

  • It is available in many forms like liquid , cream , powder , in the form of stick or in pencil.
  • Many foundations are present according to many skin tones.

    beauty products
    foundation of beauty

Face powder:

beauty of face and beauty products
face powder base

It is a kind of makeup, furthermore is used to set the base and foundation. It gives a soft touch and also correct some marks and signs.

BB cream:

It is a kind of makeup item and is very good for skin. This can eradicate pimples, redness and blackness.

  • BB cream moisturizes the skin.
  • It is like makeup, but not a proper makeup.
  • Many people use it after skin surgery.

    beauty products
    BB cream


A type of cosmetics that ladies used for a pinkish look of their face.

  • It is usually applied to the cheeks, furthermore it presents a more cutest and princess like view.

    beauty products

Contouring powder:

It actually defines your face. contouring powder is usually used to change the shape of the face.

  • It can slimmer the face.
  • A depth look of face can be seen after using this.
  • For the natural look use darker tone contouring powder.

    beautiful girls
    contouring powder

Setting powder:

This is a kind of powder that is used over a foundation so that it can be long lasting on face.

  • It has more effect on face than others.

    beauty products
    setting powder

For eyes.

Eye primer:

girls can use on eyes so, that the makeup on eyes will be last longer.

  • It will decrease fading makeup.
  • Eyes shadow can also be brighten by use of this.

    beautiful eyes
    eye primer


girls can use it on their eyes for volumalize, darker and increase the length. It is available in many colors mostly in black. But its brighter color like blue , pink , purple is also present.

  • Many medicaly mascaras are present for sensitive peoples that prevents from tears and redness.
  • Many proteins embedded is also available.
  • It has many benefits as well as beautify them.

    mascara products and designs

False eye lashes:

beautiful eye lashes
eye lashes

It is one of the type of makeup item, that is used to thicken and adding length like natural eyes lashes.

Eye liner:

It is also kind of eye makeup that can increase the beauty of the size of eyes.

  • girls can made different style, like cat eyes style by the eye liner.

    eye liner styles and products
    eye liner

For lips.


beautiful girl lips
girl lipstick

Lipstick is a kind of cosmetic product that is consist of oil,cream,balm or many pigments. It gives color to the lips. Different branded types of lipsticks are available.


lip gloss

It gives lips a glossy look and shiny texture. It is present in liquid and solid material. Different shades of glosses are available.

Lip liner:

lip liner
lip liner

It adds more color to your lipsticks. It provides a base to your lips. If you use just use, it will be just a color nothing else , lip liner makes it more deep.

Lip balm:

lip balm products
lip balm

Its main object is to protect the lips from external damage. lips are the most sensitive skin on whole the body.

so the winter season mostly attacks on lips, in summery that’s why girls should use lip balm for the protection of lips and lips skin.


this article is all about girls. any girl can get some tips and knowledge about “Basic accessories of makeup: some tips and methods” 

If you have any problem so you can comment down in the comment box or contact me in facebook

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