How to prevent from hacking with some simple steps

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“How to prevent from hacking with some simple steps”

hacking is the very unlawful activity which is done by some persons for any specific reason. there are many methods to hacking but as a modern world along with methods of hacking., there are also many methods to prevent hacking

some of there simple steps and ways are;

  1. Create complex passwords:

Your passwords to  access your account on apps or websites or social media should consist on number, upper and lower-case letters, and special characters that is difficult to guess.

  • Don’t  use same password for more that one website or account. This limits the damage to you if a hacker happens to crack one of your passwords.
  1. Change your passwords often:

You should change your password on your various accounts and devices at least once every six months.

  • Be sure not to use the same password twice (e.g. your facebook password and your bank account password)
  • You should change your password completely , but not only one letter
  1. Ready privacy and policies carefully:

If you are logging in any company or local social media so

  • Must watch their policies
  • Cheek the ethics and regulations
  1. Log out your account when you where done:

When your simply closing your browser you should

  • Must log out from every social media
  • Log out your website or account
  • Logout your bank account if you have any.
  1. Don’t enter in popups and other irrelevant links:

When you  were browsing and suffering the internet so you should take care about some things like

  • Don’t enter in the irrelevant popup
  • Do not click on links send by others unknown persons
  • Don’t enter on unaware websites
  1. Update your server/window/operating system on time:

Your should care about some more thin gs like

  • Update your application on time
  • Install Updates on your server/window/operating system as soon as they become available
  1. Backup your data frequently:

Despite even the strictest security. It’s still possible that your data may become compromised. This maybe the result of hacking, or simply computer failure.

  • There are some cloud based services you can use to backup your data like (Google cloud)
  • You can use an external hard drive to backup your data for the future use and future problems.
  1. Avoid clicking on suspicious things and unknown emails:

You should care some things like

  • If your get an email from a sender you should check all the information about ender and If its irrelevant so don’t click on it.
  1. Install or activate your firewall:

in both windows and MAC based operating system come equipped with firewall which

  • prevent hackers from gaining access to your computer
  • some system didn’t turned on their firewall by default so your should turn on it by manually
  • If you are using a wireless network k, so your router should have a firewall as well
  1. Install antivirus software:

This type of software recognize and remove all harmful files and programs as soon as you download them

  • Window defender is a good choice for PCs and comes with all version of window (7, 8, 8.1, and window 10)
  • It is a good idea to make sure your computer secure.
  1. Always refresh your Webpages:

When you are searching or suffering the internet so you should

  • Always refresh your Webpages so that your system work properly
  • And properly maintain their characteristics and speed
  1. Never select remembers passwords options:

When your were using some social site and suddenly you have to close your browser and your system

  • So here it’s a chance to hack your site and social media account
  • You should turn on your all account and sites
  • Just log out your all media connections and social media websites
  1. Always clear all records/cookies/history:

When your complete your work in network so your browser have your all records and data in his memory, here you have to do some simple steps to prevent  from hacking like

  • At the end close your all history from your browser
  • Delete all cookies and auto fulfill programs
  • Delete your all saves passwords and emails


These are some simple steps and ways. “How to prevent from hacking with some simple steps”

If you have any confusion so you can comment  me and I will be definitely reply as soon as possible

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