how you can strong your hairs: Tips for nourishing your hairs

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“Tips for nourishing your hairs”

Hairs are an important part of  anyone life. One can look more beautiful with the pleasant and long hairs. Its the sign of beauty of any individual. But today, food is not fulfill of desired nutrients. Falling hairs are major problems in both the gender. Some women also becomes bald and looks ugly. It will also produces less confidence in them. Some women uses artificial wig. But it looks strange to yourself. About 18% of 40 years women are suffering from this problem. This problem is increasing between professional and job doing women. It is common in models,rich women and also women belonging to professional world. It is because of mind stress, unhygienic food, and usage of shampoos filled of chemicals. This problem is also increasing in 22 years old girls. About 30 to 33 women daily visits the clinics.

So girls do not be worry about this.I have some fabulous tips about your hairs caring. I am sure it will be more helpful for you.

tips to nourishing hairs

nourishing hairs
                                                       caring of hairs

washing your hairs and shampoo them:

  • Wash your hairs with cool water for 15 to 20 minutes. Massage your head with the tips of your fingers gently.

It will be helpful for the bald women.

  • If your hairs are dry then I have a cool tip, so apply egg every week on your hairs. Then wash the hairs with a branded shampoo. This is very amazing tip.

Mix some drops of lemon juice in olive oil:

nourishing your hairs

Then massage your hairs with this material. After sometime wash your hairs with a shampoo.

This is also helpful for dry hairs.

  • Dandruff is also a major problem of women. It makes hairs rough and unhealthy. You have to take care of it. It is due to harmone problems or dangerous ultraviolet waves of sun. Falling of hairs also causes due to the dandruff. Usually hairs falls from the ends of ears and from mid of the head.Following are the major tips of this solution.
  • Take same weight of coconut oil and mehndi oil in a bowl. Mix it and apply in the hairs.
  • Take egg white and some amount of mehndi. Then add some lemon juice in it and mix it well. Apply on hairs and wash it after one hour.


hair nourishing
                                                                                     perfect look
You will get rid of dandruff easily.
  • To get rid of dandruff mix vinegar in some oil or water and apply on the roots of hairs for  nourishing. Then wash it after sometime.
  • Mix Nigel seeds (kalonji) in water and apply on hairs for nourishing. It will be helpful for making your hairs strong and healthy.

These all tips are important but your diet also very helpful for caring of hairs. Eat nutritious and balanced diet.  Keep your thoughts positive. Also do some exercise daily and make it a routine.

Using of shampoo is increasing day by day:nourishing your hairs

Some shampoos are full of dangerous chemicals. Damage of hairs also takes place because of this. Try to keep your hairs away from the shampoos. But if there is need then always use branded and costly shampoo. And also use conditioner after washing hairs with shampoo.

If you don’t want to loose your hairs Then I have a simple and easy tip:

Before taking bath,heat up the mustard(Sarso) oil and apply on your hairs with gently moving fingers. Massage it slowly. Then after half an hour Mix one egg and one table spoon of honey and apply it on the hairs. Always apply it on the roots of your nourishing hairs. Then wash it with shampoo so that smell of egg maybe finished. Also apply some conditioner on it. Dry it in natural air and do not rub it with towel. After some weeks,your hairs will be more and more beautiful.

                                                    shampoo your hairs

here are some tips for your hairs. these are not just for girls and ladies these are also for mans and boys. every can apply them and can take care of nourishing hairs easily.

If you have any question so you can comment or contact me on facebook and i will reply you as soon as possible,

Thank you for your time and keep enjoying. Stay blessed

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