how to be a strong woman (some tips)

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“how to be a strong woman (some tips)”


A strong and independent woman is one that find happiness in her work,do not rely on other person or society. Such woman have a great self-confidence. She is independent and have a healthy relationship.She can express herself ,qualities, abilities and work. A strong woman have no tension about others,is respectable by others.


some rules and tip to be strong  womanstrong woman

  1. Always see yourself:

    When you need something, whether it is, affection, attraction, love, friendship, relationship, things or facilities, give it to you. If you need affection do something look like it. If you want some things go for the shopping and grab all your needs. You will be more strong when you will fulfill your own needs and wishes. You will know better yourself and can express yourself to others easily.

  2. Don’t compare yourself:

    strong woman in society
    dont feel like comparing

    You should have an inspiration from other strong personality.But do not be jealous. Jealousy is such thing that break down your mind and makes you weak day by day, also it causes stress which is more harmful.The main step to overcome your jealousy is to find and recognize your qualities.For example you see a model and started compare yourself,stop at once. Everyone has good qualities and is special in his/her own work. What you can do maybe a model cant, So stop comparing your self to another woman.

  3. Set goals.

    You should have your goals clear and strong, although always give priority to your needs. Do not pay attention on criticism makes at you. Set goals about your work, education, relation and future. Set boundaries about an independent person and stick to them. Don’t lose your hope that you cant be so strong than others.

  4. Defend yourself always.

    strong  woman
    defend yourself

    You have to learn about to defend yourself in front of the world. People can take advantage of yourself so never let u go. You have to learn how to stand up yourself during education, job and social works. Don’t feel shame and don’t be shy for standing up yourself. Defend yourself in between the so many peoples and in society. You can be more happy and can have self-esteem by doing this. Always use the word “I”. Take responsibility of your actions and sayings. Do not apologize for every word and action. It will show you weaknesses. See your first needs and then decide something. Try to say “no”. If you have little money that is difficult for you to make need, and someone is burrowing from you money then say “no” to your friend.

  5. Believe your strengths:

    You have to believe on your qualities,strengths and abilities.It will show you a strong personality. Fulfill your needs and what you want. Never lack confidence otherwise you will be the victim of weakness.You have to recognize your abilities and strengths.

  6. Never let people to hurt you:

    strong woman
    don’t allow peoples to hurt you

    Peoples hurt your feelings and u bear it,break this custom. Tell them when they hurt you. it will shows that you r strong. It can be difficult to be happy and joyful when u are hurt. But when you will tell them that some of their actions hurt you, maybe that person will not repeat that mistakes in future. Tell them about their behavior and tell to change it. If they find mistakes in your work defend yourself.

  7. Always be happy with your physic:

    Many women dislikes her body and shape. She praises other women body. She felt uncomfortable in a crowd and gathering. But look about your part that you like most and think about it. Focus on the positive comments for you and do not give support to bad comments.

  8. Do exercise:

    strong woman
    regular workout

    Your health to be a strong woman is also very necessary. You should do exercise and should join a gym for fitness. I have discussed about exercise in my last article ”health and fitness for busy peoples”. You can perform your all duties when you are fit and healthy, in this case you can bear many difficulties and problems. It also prevents you from many diseases, like heart problems,mind stress etc. Discuss exercise goals with your doctor.

  9. Get education:

    get education thats your want to be a strong woman
    rights of womans

    you should get higher education for becoming strong in the future. Choose the field of your choice. Parents or other peoples put you in certain field that you dislikes, you cant pay attention to that field. Follow your favorite subject and field. Get education by all means and ways. In modern era, education is important for you to survive. Society accepts you and your abilities when you are more educated. you can get a great job, fulfills all your dreams and happinesses and you could be more successful.

  10. Appreciate your style:

    Dressing is a way to show your personality and independence. Dress of your own way,not that the peoples said to you. Women have freedom to choose their clothing according to fashion and taste.So do not rely on others.Use your mind and creativity in your dressing and style. Your style confidence and attitude shows that how much strong you are.

    set your goals to be a strong woman
    set your goals
  11. Support other women:

    You should always learn to support and help other women in your society.You should not feel ashamed and regretful on supporting others.

  12. Get inspiration:

    strong woman
    get inspired from others

    Today media is so advance and it has reveal many of the realities and facts of many personalities. So you have to choose inspiration from great personalities, try to follow their qualities. But sometimes you choose a wrong icon and it may destroy you. You should have to be clear in your mind that your inspiration is good or bad for you. By choosing a strong person, similarly you could be that one. Think that one day you will be also there.

  13. Don’t rely on others:

    You should not wait for others to help you in bad circumstances. Do not rely on others to rescue you, it will makes you more perfect. A woman have the all powers to overcome all the problems in life. When you are down you should not call up for anyone help, although rescue yourself on your own. You have to work and think all the time to be a strong one in the society.

  14. Make challenge for yourself:

    You should realize your abilities by accepting challenges. Strong woman don’t let their mind to weakness, they work hard to overcome all the pro and cones of life. At every day make challenge for yourself and resolve it. You should have to overcome all of your phobias and try to make t a habit to face them.

    always face your fears to be a strong woman
    always face your fears

“You are a diamond,no one can breaks you”

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