how to take screenshot on any android phone: Samsung Qmobile nokia LG

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“how to take screenshot on any android phone”

how we can take screenshot from any android phone like samsung Qmobile LG nokia microsoft etc. there are very simple and easy handheld and coding methods to do this. but here i am telling you the simple and practical examples to take screenshots.

screenshot from different Android mobile phones


here i am writing the the simple and handheld method to take screenshots from any android phone.

From Samsung:screenshot

if your wanna take screenshot from samsung ( any latest models of Samsumg ) so follow that step

press [switch button + home button ] together.

From LG:screenshot

you have a LG android phone so you can take screen shot from following action.

press [power button + volume down button] together.

From Qmobile:screensot

Its an easy way to take screenshot from Qmobile lets do this and take screenshot.

press [power  button + volume down] together.

From Nokia:screenshot

Microsoft Nokia makes their new and latest phone in android software. So, if you have any nokia phone so you can take screen shot from this action.

press [power button + volume up] together.


so you can see i have told you about some devices and their methods that how to take screenshots.

i want to tell you that you can take screenshot at any time anywhere. Anywhere when you are playing games and doing chat with some one else or you are doing some internet suffering.

you can take screenshots of any pics and videos at a specific time. you can do this by some coding examples (codes) but this method is simple and easy.

after this you can also know about some other things, some other codes for androids so you can know about some

“simple and easy secret mobile codes for androids free”

so here if you have any problem, you can comment and ask any question at facebook I will definitely answer you after a short period.

Thank you for your time and STAY blesses.

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